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Meeting assistant for effective meetings
Make your meetings productive by using best practices templates for every meeting that you have. It adds structure, time limits, agenda, real-time feedback and much more to your meetings.
Amidst COVID-19 pandemic, employees are forced to work remotely. To help you be more productive in this new remote work environment, we are rolling out LeaveTheMeeting, free for everybody!
Register till the end of June 2020 to get a free access.
Send your email and we will send a link to download and test our plugin!
Install plugin to Google Chrome
Go to Google Hangouts or Google Meet(coming soon) pages and select a meeting template that best matches your needs using the Leave The Meeting plugin
Invite participants and start a meeting
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Follow three simple steps
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Meet our intagrations
You can use our meeting assistant with these services
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Cooming soon!
Get to know meeting library
We provide a meeting library with the most popular meeting types
Daily standup meeting
A structured template from Agile and SCRUM practices. Can be customized to team status meetings
Retrospective meeting
A structured template from SCRUM practices. Enables a team to inspect itself and create a plan for improvements
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